These examples demonstrate how to use js-ctypes.


Using C struct and pointers
An example on how to use basic C data types with js-ctypes.
Standard OS Libraries
Some examples on how to get cursor position on each OS.

Mac OS X

These examples require Mac OS X to operate.

Add Image to iPhoto
An extension that adds a contextual menu item to images that lets you easily add them to iPhoto on Mac OS X.
Using Objective-C from js-ctypes
An example how to use Objective-C from js-ctypes, by converting Objective-C code into C code.
Using COM from js-ctypes
An example how to use COM API of Windows systems from js-ctypes, by converting C++ code to C code.
Using JNI from js-ctypes
An example how to use Java from js-ctypes, by converting Java code into C code.

An extension that demonstrates JavaScript-Cocoa Bridge for Mac OS X. Lightweight bridge for calling Cocoa frameworks from JavaScript, js-macosx transparently handles definition of Cocoa API, both C and Objective-C, and provides automatic declarations for framework functions, structures, constants and enumerations, as well as allows creating and subclassing Cocoa classes. 

The js-macosx bridge has dependency on BridgeSupport metadata: whenever a Cocoa class, function, struct or const is encountered in the JavaScript code, js-macosx will replace it with the corresponding js-ctypes declaration based on the BridgeSupport file from the framework that object belongs to.


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