The connectionInfoUpdate handler is executed when information about the signal strength and the link speed have been updated.

Bubbles No
Cancelable No
Target objects NNavigator.wifi
Interface Event


Property Type Description
target Read only EventTarget The event target (the topmost target in the DOM tree).
type Read only DOMString The type of event.
bubbles Read only boolean Does the event normally bubble?
cancelable Read only boolean Is it possible to cancel the event?
network Read only nsIVariant (object) Network object with an SSID field.
signalStrength Read only short (int) Strength of the signal to network, in dBm between -55 and -100 dBm.
relSignalStrength Read only short (int) Relative signal strength between 0 and 100.
linkSpeed Read only long (int) Link speed in Mb/s.
ipAddress Read only DOMString (string) Word describing the current status of the wifi manager. See possible values above.


navigator.wifi.onconnectioninfoupdate = function( event ) {
  console.log( "Currently connnected to '" + + "' at " + event.linkSpeed + "MB/s" );

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