Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a family of specifications for a metadata model that is often implemented as an application of XML. The RDF family of specifications is maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

The RDF metadata model is based upon the idea of making statements about resources in the form of a subject-predicate-object expression, called a triple in RDF terminology. The subject is the resource, the "thing" being described. The predicate is a trait or aspect about that resource, and often expresses a relationship between the subject and the object. The object is the object of the relationship or value of that trait. [one]


Directions of the Mozilla RDF engine
This presentation shows new developments in the Mozilla RDF engine. These include plans to expose the RDF API to public web content, as well as performance and correctness improvements.
What is RDF
Tim Bray's introduction to the Resource Description Framework, at XML.com.
RDF in Mozilla FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the Resource Description Framework in Mozilla.
RDF in Fifty Words or Less
A quick introduction to the Resource Description Framework.
RDF Datasource How-To
A cookbook-style document describing how to create a native, client-side datasource that works with Mozilla's RDF implementation.
Aggregating the In-Memory Datasource
Using the XPCOM aggregation with the in-memory datasource.

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